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Things we look for when awarding sites:
When reviewing your site we will look at five sections, Information, Navigation, Interaction, Design, Layout reviewing each out of 10.
You will score between 0 and 50 receiving either a 1,2,3,4,5 star award.
1. The site must be based on a relevant Sci-Fi Topic.
2. The site must not be abandoned.
3. The site must not contain any inappropriate or illegal content.
4. In some circumstance we will not be able to review a site if it does not meet our minimum criteria.

Other: Awards won by trek pictures

Trek Core: Warp Core Bronze Award
Recived: 28th Febuary 2009
From: Trekcore.com

Trek Core: Warp Core Silver Award
Recived: 13th January 2010
From: Trekcore.com

Section 47: Commander Award For Site Excellence Award
Recived: 28th Febuary 2011
From: Section47.org
“Trek Pictures is an interesting site to check out with a variety of galleries and great Trek images. This site would be a nice starting or home page for your browser.”

Final Frontier: Brave Explorer Award
Recived: 06th November 2010
From: Finalfrontiermedia.nl
“I have known your website for a while. It had some design changes and also a lot of new content added over time. Brave Explorer is all about exploring the possibillities and doing this while your website is still in good order.”

STNEt: Lieutenant Award
Recived: 11th October 2009
From: STNet: Project V
“Your website is a great asset to the Star Trek vision. Keep up the great work!”

Krillmeeds: Fleet Captain Award
Recived: 20th April 2009
From: Krillmeed.com
"Your site is one of the best I have seen in a while. Easy to navigate. Professional layout, and images that are not found anywhere else. A credit to its creator. Giving this site our highest award, which we have not given out in a while. Congratulations."